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Minimalism - Living In A Small And Clutter-free Environment

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Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Own Less, Live Best Intentionality for Minimalist Lifestyle Chapter 2: Benefits of Minimalism Chapter 3: Getting Your Life Back Becoming a Minimalist Other Ways to Maximize Life Minimalism in Homes Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Minimalism is a way of living that cuts the gluttony surrounding our world. It is the exact opposite of what we see in ads, what we hear on the radio, or what commercials air on TV. It contrasts what our society has etched on our minds regarding the claimed importance of accumulating stuff. It tells us to dismiss ourselves from consumerism, instead of priding ourselves for all our material possessions, the clutters in our environment, the skyrocketing debts, and an abundance of infinite distractions. People are joining the craze of the material world and we are left with a meaningless one. People are crazy over lots of stuff, with closets full of clothes, racks full of shoes, garages stacked with useless gears, basements cluttered with boxes of what seems like hoarding of old items. They are living the typical life: working hard to make good money, spend a great chunk on it to pay for mortgage, buy fancy clothes, and keep up with friends who have luxury cars, or get a hand of cool technology which are seen as bragging rights. It is hard to see and realize that we do not need any of these, and that life is more meaningful when there are no people to impress, that we do not have to spend so much on stuff we don't need just to make us happy, and that a rise in pay wouldn't necessarily mean a rise in cost of living. It takes a turning point to make people aware that they are losing themselves over their material possessions. And this point could be achieved by the continuous effort of dissenters who encourage a simpler, less materialist life. Living a minimalist lifestyle means throwing out what you do not need and focus only on those that you need. We only need little to survive while still living happily. We only need the small things to keep content in our hearts. The stuff that surround us are only depictions of materialism, and the society telling us that we have to consume more of it is just a way of luring us into consumerism. These things do not matter and do not account for our own happiness.

Mortgage Free

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Are you struggling to save a deposit and buy a home?

Is your credit score preventing you from getting a mortgage?

Would you like to pay off your home sooner and spend your life doing what you love instead of chained to a mortgage?

This informative and easy to read book will provide you with all the knowledge you need to do just that and more.

It walks you through how to budget and make more money, what and where to buy, how to beat a bad credit score, plan for your retirement, and all the little things that will help you achieve mortgage freedom sooner.

If your money goes out as fast as it comes in, if you're a 'high risk client' or if you can't imagine ever having 'extra' money to play around with, then you need to read this book! I was once where you are now and I still paid off my home before I was 36! Downloadable bonus materials are also included for free to help you reach your goals easier and faster than ever.

MORTGAGE FREE doesn't just tell you to pay more money onto your mortgage like every other book- it walks you through how to do this, as well as how to pay off a mortgage fast, even if you're spending the same weekly amount you always have. It shows you how to change simple things, straight away, that make a massive difference to your loan term. What other book does that?

MORTGAGE FREE gives you all the knowledge you need to:

  • Write an awesome budget and learn how to make and save more money.
  • Own your own home in under 10 years- without working more.
  • Build a passive income and have more free money than ever before.
  • Nail your retirement planning and create a life you love for yourself.

If you follow even some of the solutions in this book, you will be free of your mortgage years ahead of your peers. Start living the life you've always wanted, and take back your future!

Because being debt free is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself, and your family.

The Mortality Mortgage

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The life insurance industry is one of the last examples of unrestricted capitalism in this country. Despite some regulation by various government agencies, life insurance remains a largely uncontrolled financial giant. It is the life insurance plan, how it works, that shields this industry. The Mortality Mortgage, the source of the Barnes Standard is an explanation of life insurance pricing, and a call for full financial disclosure through regulation of the industry. It is intended for financial consultants, tax attorneys, CPA's, life insurance agents, and other groups who advise consumers on financial matters. Insurance buyers supply this industry with millions of dollars in premiums each year. Consumers deserve a truth in lending law and an appraisal process for this financial service. Life insurance is not a product, it is financing. Four factors denote financial quality: price or principal, rate, term and closing costs. Consumers understand these financial elements for homes and bonds, but they do not equate the fundamentals of financial quality with life insurance. The life insurance industry, through marketing and advertising, has taught the public to focus on premiums, death benefits, and cash values; financial elements are ignored. The Mortality Mortgage compares and contrasts three financial models: the home mortgage, the bond or debt security, and life insurance. Additionally, it provides the formulas necessary for appraisal of a life insurance plan. With an appraisal, a comparison of insurance policies is possible. Once pricing is understood, consumers will demand full financial disclosure through regulation of the life insurance industry.

Beacon To Freedom

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Reverend John Rankin is credited with providing safety through the Underground Railroad to more than 2,000 people as they tried to escape slavery. Not as well-known as Harriet Tubman's story to most readers, Beacon to Freedom recounts in an illlustrated, nonfiction narrative how Rankin guided runaways across the wide Ohio River with a light in his window, giving them hope in a time of great fear and danger.


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