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We, at the Essentials of Borrowing, are a privately owned finance brokerage offering bespoke financial assistance to people across Australia. With decades’ worth of experience under our belt, we take great pride in assisting private and corporate clients to manage their finances and increase their wealth using our strategically formulated finance solutions. Ever since we started, we have strived continually to suffice our customers with financial assistance that is tailored to their specific needs. Together with our expertise and access to hundreds of lenders across Australia, we continue to offer exceptional services to our customers having unique asset financing needs!

welcome imageWe pride ourselves on the remarkable reputation that we have earned over the years, allowing us to emerge out as your “not-so-usual” fiancé brokers. We are a team of professionals who are equipped with the right tools, skills, expertise, resources and experience that allows us to offer finance solutions to cater to your asset financing needs. Matters not whether you plan to purchase a new marine vessel, industrial equipment or even a leisure vehicle, our experts take care of everything from start to finish. We offer some of the most innovative finance solutions by working together with Australia’s most progressive lenders. This allows us to formulate tailored solutions for our clients with really complex circumstances that are making it difficult for them to find asset financing elsewhere!

From Better Interest Rates to Better Loan Terms

We’re A Team of Trusted Finance Brokers!

welcome image 2Purchasing a costly asset like a car or home can be a daunting experience if you don’t have your finances sorted out. This is the reason why we, at the Essentials of Borrowing, are strived to facilitate our customers with bespoke financial solutions to help them manage their finances well. With decades’ worth of experience serving clients from Victoria to Queensland, Tasmania to New South Wales and every other state and territory across Australia, we take immense pride in our reputation that is a testament to our quick services. Needless to say, it has all been possible due to our dedication towards customer satisfaction, consistency and integrity that has allowed us to be where we are today!

We believe in working FOR our customers. This is the reason why we take time in getting to know you and your needs to suffice you with unique financial solutions, catering to your unique circumstances. Being accredited from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), we have developed a strong network of lenders and allies to make sure that you and your needs are being well taken care of no matter what. With the expertise that we have gained over the years and the network of lenders we work with, we know exactly what it takes to formulate and negotiate what’s right for you. From servicing asset financing for leisure vehicles to equipment financing worth tens of millions, we expand exponentially every single day through our client referrals and repeated business!

Services We Offer

Tailored to your specific needs, we offer bespoke financial assistance across Australia!

With access to Australia’s prominent lenders, we take great pride in sufficing our customers with viable loan solutions that are tailored to cater to their specific needs. What helps us stand out from the crowd is the fact that we’re not restricted to what a conventional bank or finance company has to offer. Without having our customers abide by stringent guidelines, it all comes down to our experience, extensive knowledge and expertise that allow us to help you with what you need. From personal to commercial asset financing, we, at Essentials of Borrowing, offer the following services:

Why Choose Us?

We greatly value the utmost trust that our clients have placed in our services ever since we started, and we strive continually to repay it by maximising their potential outcomes. If that is not compelling enough for you to have our experts aboard for your asset financing needs, have a look at a few of the many reasons why we’re trusted by the lot!

Our Rates Are Unmatched!

In correspondence to our aim of assisting you to manage your finances well, we believe in offering our bespoke financial solutions on the lowest interest rates so that you’re never ripped off for your hard-earned money. With interest rates starting from as low as 3%, it matters not whether it is the first time you’ve applied for a loan or whether you require re-financing. Here, at the Essentials of Borrowing, it all comes down to offering the best financial assistance that is tailored as per your financial standings. Our experts have what it takes to seek out the perfect deal that is tailored just for you!

We’re The Experts At What We Do!

Being regarded as one of the leading finance brokers all over Australia, we know what it takes to cater to your specific needs. With several years of experience under our belt, we take great pride in being thoroughly well-versed with the ins and outs of finance brokerage. All that you’re supposed to do is to get in touch with our finance specialists, pen down your specifications and allow us to assist you in turning your aspirations into a reality. From reviewing, evaluating and analysing your application to getting things done and dusted, we are the experts at what we do!

We’re Offer Quick Assessment and Speedy Loan Approvals!

Our experts at the Essentials of Borrowing are all about helping you save your time and money by offering you financial solutions that cater to your needs. This is why whenever you have made your purchase decision; we make sure that everything that needs to be followed is carried out promptly. From assessing your application to evaluating your credit history, seeking out a suitable lender for you to getting things finalised, we work efficiently and quickly to ensure fast approvals and prompt settlements for your loan solutions.