Bad Credit Equipment Financing

Got Bad Credit history? Our Experts Can Still Cater To Your Equipment Financing Needs!

bad1With our carefully structured financial assistance schemes, we, at Essentials of Borrowing, believe in giving everyone across Australia a chance to make their dreams come true. We take great pride in helping people find solutions such as helping their businesses grow through our heavy machinery loans and helping our trusted clients receive quality health care, matters not if they have a bad credit history as an obligation. Our bad credit equipment loans help small business owners with bad credit apply for loans tailored to their individual needs. Depending on your circumstances, we consider all viable options and help our valued clients make informed decisions for themselves!

With affordable down payments, tailored loan plans and flexible loan repayment terms and conditions, our experts strive continually to offer the best to our customers. Being the experts at what we do, we believe in assisting all of our clients despite any financial constraints they might be facing. While it is a common perspective that equipment financing is an option for people with overflowing bank accounts and good credit standings, we, at Essentials of Borrowing, break the norms by offering bespoke financial assistance to everyone without requiring any pre-requisite of a good credit score .

How Does Our Bad Credit Equipment Financing Work?

Rather than emphasising on your credit history, our team analyses your business, profits, and income to see which kind of loan applies to your circumstances. We, at Essentials of Borrowing, work tirelessly to ensure that the loan approval process remains as smooth as possible for our valuable clients. With our bad credit loans, your equipment works as collateral. In case of a default, our clients don’t need to worry about paying an extra amount of cash. Hence, we bear all the risks while our clients are free to purchase any equipment their business might need!

What To Expect From Our Bad Credit Equipment Loans?

bad2To make sure that your bad credit loan gets approved, we work with a robust approach that we have developed over the years. Together with this approach and our channel of trusted lenders, we devise the perfect equipment financing solution that is based on low-interest rates, affordable down payment and flexible repayment tenure so that you can have the peace of mind that you truly deserve.

With a few minor adjustments, the experts at Essentials of Borrowing can help nearly all of our customers become better candidates for their loan approval. If you plan on having us aboard for your bad credit equipment financing needs and appear to fall short for a few reasons, feast on the benefits explained below to have a better understanding:

  • We give you the option of having a consigner with a better credit score to help you apply for a loan with favourable interest rates.
  • We carefully consider your financial position and work out a down payment plan that lessens your loan instalments, making the process of making repayments easier than ever.
  • If your business shows good potential, Essentials of Borrowing is always willing to put our faith in you and offer you the best possible rates – disregarding your bad credit score!

Allow Us To Cater To Your Needs!

Don’t let your past difficulties stand in the way of your future progress. Don’t be afraid that equipment financing will be out of your reach merely because you have a bad credit history. Allow the expert finance brokers at Essentials of Borrowing to cater to every aspect of your specific needs. Let us dedicate ourselves to finding you the best solution for all your troubles because that is what we excel in!