Equipment Loan Interest Rates

We Make Equipment Financing Easier and Affordable for All!

imageOur team of expert finance brokers work tirelessly to develop bespoke plans for our clients for their loan to provide them with maximum benefits. Before we apply a rate to your loan, our specialists thoroughly analyse the extent of the risk presented by our borrowers. After considerable calculation, we, at Essentials of Borrowing, work with our clients to find out what interest rate is convenient for them as per their needs. Being accredited by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, we take great pride in being a trusted financial assistance provider throughout Australia. With a reputation that we cherish and a huge clientele we have successfully served over the years, it all comes down to our values and work ethics that has bestowed us with a reputation that others only dream of!

The Interest Rate We Offer, Are Unparalleled!

Here, at the Essentials of Borrowing, our aim is to suffice everyone with a suitable loan plan that caters well to their equipment financing needs. With our result-driven policies and robust business approach, we make sure that our clients are never faced with any financial troubles. While equipment financing interest rates vary for each individual and their specific circumstances, it is important to understand that it requires thorough knowledge and expertise to finance such assets. However, with our experts by your side along with recognition from the Australian Government Department of Finance, you can rest assured that you’re being taken care of by industry experts!

Moreover, it is also crucial to understand that the lower the risk involved, the lower interest rate we’d be able to offer! As long as we know that your business is stable and profitable, our team is willing to overlook any financial restraints that might influence the interest rate for your equipment loan. If you have a good credit score and your business generates consistent annual revenue, you can get things going in your favour!

How Do Our Interest Rates Help You?

equipment4We know how difficult can it be to comprehend all the terms and conditions related to equipment financing loans. However, it is important to understand that your current financial standing and the down payment you can pay upfront to decide the interest rate you’d be offered. With a customer-oriented approach that we work with, we ensure that you are equipped with all the resources you need to make the right decision. If you’re wondering how our interest rates help your equipment financing needs, have a look at some of the benefits that are linked to having us aboard:

  • Provide support to stable businesses and help them increase their yearly revenues through the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Our rates are adjusted to your needs. We are dedicated to making your repayment process as smooth as possible.
  • You are in control! You are free to tailor your loan plan according to your business needs and cash flow.
  • Our flexible loans and low rates give our clients the benefit of using the latest equipment they need for their business, without worrying about exhausting their bank accounts.

How Do You Qualify For Our Low-Interest Rates?

Here, at the Essentials of Borrowing, we believe in helping all of our clients throughout Australia, expand their business’s potential. We don’t just consider credit histories while offering interest rates. Our team thoroughly goes through many factors and devises the perfect solution, tailored to your needs, regardless of your credit score. Hence, our loan procedures are always backed with thorough research and rate comparison. While assessing your application, we consider different factors to determine your level of risk. These are as follows:

  • Capacity – First and foremost, we calculate our clients’ ability to repay the loan, based on their current income and savings
  • Collateral – We thoroughly analyse the assets used to secure the debt. If your purchases assets can’t be used as collateral, our team works out a different plan to provide you with competitive interest rates.
  • Capitol – This includes any deposit that you put towards the purchase of your equipment. A deposit reduces your debt and hence, gives us more room to lower interest rates for you.